2017 MOV Women in Leadership Conference {Jill Kirtland Photography – Mid Ohio Valley Event Photographer}

This blog post is well overdue. I wanted to write about this amazing experience I had this year so many times, but well life got in the way and I never got the chance to sit down and actually put my thoughts on “paper”.

Last year I learned about this event that the Chamber of Commerce of the Mid-Ohio Valley put on called the Women in Leadership conference. It was too late by the time I heard about it to attend and I was very disappointed because I love conferences that empower women business leaders! So this year I made a point to not only join the chamber of commerce but also to attend that conference. Well, next thing I knew I was being asked if I wanted to join the Special Events committee to help plan this year’s Women in Leadership conference on June 23rd! It sounded like something that I would enjoy doing since I love planning conferences (did a lot of that in college for Circle K, the collegiate version of Kiwanis). I was having lots of fun brainstorming ideas with other amazing female business leaders in the area during their first meeting and then we got into the nitty gritty of who was going to do what. Of course I volunteered to be the official photographer of the event because that’s what I do – event photography (except weddings)! Since last year’s photographer moved out of town, it was very logical for me to replace her. But then they needed a co-chair of the event to help things go smoothly! I have a serious problem with volunteering for things, because next thing I knew I was raising my hand for that as well!

I have to say I don’t regret that one bit. It was a great experience to work alongside all these brilliant women and to help create a very empowering day for local businesswomen. I loved the energy in the room as the women listened to our keynote speakers talk about communications and mindfulness, did some stretching (wellness) activities, shopped the vendor tables, or came over to my booth to update their LinkedIn headshots. It was a really amazing day and I loved every moment of getting to know all these wonderful local ladies. If you have not had a chance to attend the Mid-Ohio Valley Women in Leadership conference, I highly recommend it! And thank you to Jill Parsons and Megan Hardway for agreeing to let me be the co-chair (with Lisa Johnson of PDJ Accounting), as well as the photographer! Check out some of the photos below!

2017 Mid Ohio Valley Women in Leadership Conference - Jill Kirtland Photography