Perry Family – In-Home Lifestyle Session {Jill Kirtland Photography – Mid Ohio Valley Lifestyle Photographer}

What is stopping you from hiring a lifestyle photographer? Many times I have potential clients who say things like, “Oh my family is not that exciting, you wouldn’t have anything to photograph.” or “I hate my house.  I don’t want photos in my home.”  or “My house is so messy and chaotic.” or “I really love studio photos because I want a good family photo to put on my wall and give to the grandparents.”

All legit concerns but I promise you this:  1)  You’ll love the ease of not having to get too dressed up, get everyone together and in a car to get somewhere on time, and try to get your children to cooperate in front of a studio background.   2)  You’ll look back at your lifestyle session photos and love how your family was captured in that moment in time, in your home, as you are.  Yes, there may be chaos and there may be clutter, but that’s your life.  That’s everyone’s life with little kids (or big kids or pets or spouses – really anything!).  3)  You get to include your pets!!  Not many studios are receptive to you bringing all your pets to be included in the family photos!  4) If one kid is having a meltdown, I can take photos of the other kid playing or photos with the parents. There is so much flexibility and creativity with lifestyle sessions.  5) You can capture raw emotion in the moment.  And you don’t have to look at the camera!! During a studio session, perfect smiles and looking at the camera is expected.  That’s very challenging with children (and sometimes husbands, too).

What does this look like, you ask?   Here is a session I did recently with the Perry family.  They have a 2 month old and a 2 year old and 2 dogs.   This is as chaotic as it gets (speaking from my own experience with 3 kids and a dog), and yet I was able to capture this life of theirs in an authentic and beautiful way.  I know they will cherish these photos forever and they will look great hanging on their walls, telling their story!  I even got what I call ‘photos for grandma’ (posed family photos) – in the comfort of their living room!