Life Inside: Lifestyle In-Home Photography {Jill Kirtland Photography – Mid Ohio Valley Lifestyle Photographer}

During the months of January and February I usually focus on professional development to improve my photography skills, especially in areas that I really hope to showcase with my clients! This year I re-branded my business to focus on lifestyle family photography, rather than outdoor posed portraits (even though I still occasionally do some of that). I love lifestyle photography because it truly captures the essence of the family in that moment in their lives, their environment, their children or pets in action, and the family dynamics. I don’t feel you can capture that emotion and connection as well in a portrait session.

Over a year ago I took a Clickin Moms breakout session that was conducted by Sacramento-based photographer Danielle Hatcher. This made me fall in love with lifestyle photography. I was looking for something fresh to take my photography to the next level. Her photos spoke to me and I knew this was going to be the type of photography I wanted to offer for my clients! When I found out she’d be offering a more in-depth 4 week online workshop on the same topic of in-home lifestyle photography I just knew I had to take it!

Each week during the workshop, Life Inside: Lifestyle In-Home Photography, she gave us tips and tricks on taking lifestyle photos in the home and outdoors (lighting, composition, activities to guide the family, marketing lifestyle photography and gear). Even though you don’t have an in-person connection with the instructor during these online workshops, the instructor gives you a weekly assignment to do and then takes the time to give you critique. That is where I learn the most. In fact Danielle spent extra time in doing a video critique rather than just a written critique. She gave me a lot of great advice and things to consider!

Here are some photos I took during the course. I look forward to transferring what I learned for my next lifestyle client sessions. If you are interested in learning more about lifestyle photography, contact me today!