Creative Photography: Lensbaby {Jill Kirtland Photography – Mid Ohio Valley Lifestyle Photographer}

I love the art of photography, as a creative expression, not just to capture moments, people portraits and still objects. I was looking for something to take my personal photography in a new artistic direction, not just in post-production. So last year I learned about Lensbaby, a manufacturer of creative lenses for both DSLR and mobile cameras.

From the Lensbaby website: “At Lensbaby, we see things differently. We think perfect is boring. We seek surprise—to have our eyes opened, to dance and play and lose ourselves in moments. To break free of routine, be uncomfortable, tinker, and open yourself up to unexpected results. When you do that, you’ll change how you see everything.We make award-winning creative effects lenses, optics and accessories that follow this philosophy. And we invite you to join us in our pursuit to dance, play and delight in what’s possible with a creative lens and your imagination.” In technical terms, most of their lenses tilt the glass to make fun swirls, blurs, circles, etc. They also have this interchangable system called the Composer Pro that allows you to swap out different optics. I got the Sweet Optic 50 and the Twist 60 for Christmas last year.

Here are a few photos I’ve taken with the Sweet 50 recently: