Lifestyle Photography – Baking Cookies {Jill Kirtland Photography – Mid Ohio Valley Photographer}

“A photograph keeps a memory from running away.” – Eudora Welty

This quote perfectly sums up what Lifestyle photography is all about. My tagline for my photography has become “life unscripted”. I still love doing those fun portrait sessions outside but lifestyle photography is what truly speaks to me as an artist. I love documenting the activities that happen in people’s lives. These activities may seem quite insignificant in the moment, but many years from now you will look upon them and remember your life or your child’s life as it was then, and the fun and personal connection you had that day.

Baking Cookies

This activity is one of my favorites to capture. It is a way for a mom and her kids to connect in such a simple way. It can be something the whole family can get involved in. The kitchen is a place where many families interact on a daily basis. Cooking/baking creates a lot of engagement. I encourage my clients to choose an activity like this to do when I come to their house to do a lifestyle session. So here is a lifestyle photo shoot of baking cookies…