Capturing Moments – From Rock Stars to Families

Once upon a time, when I lived a life without children, I was a concert photographer. It went hand in hand with the role I played as a band manager and music journalist. I got to travel all over the East Coast and even Europe to take photos of rock stars on stage. I mostly worked in small venues with really horrible lighting conditions, but once in awhile I got lucky and got to shoot in larger venues where the lighting guy knew how to play nice for the photographers.

It led to me realizing my love for capturing moments. Whether it be getting the perfect shot of the guitarist headbanging with his long hair flying everywhere, or the singer looking straight at me and throwing up the horns, or the drummer throwing his sticks up in the air….these were the moments I knew would make amazing photos. Even though I was stuck in the trenches of the photo pit and had very little interaction with the bands while they were on stage, they were already performing for the audience, so my job was to make sure I took advantage of that moment.

So how does this translate to what I do today? I am a mom now. So my days of traveling to concerts are almost non-existent (once in awhile, I’ll dust off my leather jacket and call in a favor for a photo pass just to feel the exhilaration again), but I still love photography. I can’t imagine a life without it. And now that I have my own family, I love capturing those special moments in other families’ lives. In my world, everyone is a rock star! I can’t do posed shots. I won’t ever ask you to say cheese. I need life to happen in my photos. So I photograph families in natural outdoor environments or in the comfort of their homes. I love to get the real moments. During my photo sessions, you can laugh, you can play, you can even skip or run …just have FUN!